Taking the camera out of the equation

Your new tracer is a complex variable in an intricate calculation to solve a key challenge of intraoperative fluorescence imaging. The SurgVision platform technology lets you take the camera out of the equation.

In testing a new tracer for in vivo imaging, you have many parameters to deal with.

  • For effective fluorescence imaging, perhaps the most important parameter is an outstanding nanomolar sensitivity that lets you visualize even low concentrations of fluorescence.
  • On top of this, as you navigate your tracer to becoming a standard for intraoperative guidance, you have to translate from cell lines to mice studies to clinical validation, each with their unique variations.

We developed the SurgVision platform technology specifically addresses such challenges. The resulting first SurgVision Explorer Air has sensitivity that can be adjusted to the tracer you have in development, and tuned – to minimize false negative and false positive results – as the context of your development progresses.

In short, the SurgVision Explorer Air camera is not a limiting factor in your studies and trials. It is a single imaging solution that can accompany you through all the stages of development. This makes your life easier, because the camera is one less variable you have to worry about.

Proving its value

The SurgVision platform technology is already in use in several clinical studies. For example, in both Phase I and Phase II breast cancer studies at the University Medical Center and Martini Hospital in Groningen, the Netherlands. The first of these (NCT01508572) is to determine the safety, uptake and localization of a fluorescent tracer (bevacizumab-IDRye800CW) that targets vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). The second (NCT02583568) is determining the safety and suitability of the tracer for intraoperative use at escalating (micro)dose levels.

*For the EU: This medical device is currently in the process of conformity assessment for CE marking and is not commercially available until all requirements for CE marking have been complied with. For the US: This product is in development and is not sold, offered for sale, or distributed in the United States.