Ton van den Hoven, CEO:

Ton has a broad experience in medical imaging technologies. As CEO and co-founder of SurgVision he brings a wealth of knowledge in business development within medical imaging technology. He held senior management positions at Philips Healthcare (Sr director Business Development and Strategy); Stentor Inc. (VP & General Manager Europe), Stentor was sold to Philips Healthcare in 2005; Camera-Icon (VP International operations at Cemax-Icon), Cemax-Icon was sold to Kodak in 1998. His experience through these functions are related to: Introduction of new business models in Medical Industry, Quality Systems and Regulatory Processes and Sales and Business Development in new domains and markets. Ton holds a BSc in Electronic Engineering and a BSc in Marketing.

Dr. Stefan Schorling, COO:

Stefan joined SurgVision in January 2015 as Chief Operating Officer with focus on business development & execution and strategic relationship management. Prior to his current engagement Stefan held various management positions at Roche: Manager of Research & Development, Director of Global Procurement, Sr. Director Global Marketing, VP International Business and Business Development. Through these roles Stefan has built up profound knowledge along the value chain of diagnostic and pharmaceutical products and has a track record in leadership and strategy development. Stefan holds a doctorate from the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry and is a certified systemic coach.

Dr. Hans de Jong, M.D. PhD:

Hans joined SurgVision in 2015 as Clinical Scientist with a focus on validation and standardisation of fluorescent imaging. Hans has a background in Surgery, Oncology and Pathology and is currently affiliated to the University Medical Center Utrecht. Hans has been working in the field of optical imaging for the past 8 years and has developed several methods for validation of clinical targeted intra-operative optical imaging. He is currently working on methods to validate the functionality of fluorescence camera systems.

Adrian Taruttis, R&D Manager:

Adrian is responsible for research and development at SurgVision, with a focus on methods and devices for intraoperative fluorescence imaging. Adrian has published multiple papers on optical imaging in leading scientific and medical journals (e.g. Nature Photonics, Radiology, Cancer Research) and has authored three book chapters. Prior to joining SurgVision he was awarded and completed a research fellowship from the German Research Foundation (DFG) on the topic of clinical translation of photoacoustic imaging. Adrian has a doctorate from the Technical University of Munich, resulting from research performed at the Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging of the Helmholtz Center Munich.